California Forest Pest Council 71st Annual Meeting

This years meeting will be a hybrid of In-Person and Virtual Attendees and Presenters.

Date: November 16 & 17, 2022

Location: In Person - UC Davis, Student Community Center Multipurpose Room, Davis, CA 
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Early bird online registration ends October 21st at 11:59 pm PST.

Standard online registration ends November 11th at 1:00 pm PST.

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  • Virtual attendees will be able to interact and ask questions to presenters in real time during the meeting!

  • Virtual attendees - Meeting folder information

Students Grants Available! - 2022 Don Dahlsten Memorial Scholarship Grant
Poster Submission:  Specifics on the poster session please click here and contact Leif Mortenson for more information,
Meeting Title and Draft Agenda: 
The Dynamics of California Forest Pests: from Hand Lens to Landscape

November 16, 2022


1:05-2:30: Insect Committee: Moderator: Michael Jones, Committee Chair

  • Wolfgang Schweigkofler (NORSDUC): testing steam and solarization disinfestation of various substrates

  • Charles Maxwell (OSU): Flatheaded fir borer in SW Oregon and northern CA

  • Wyatt Williams (ODF): Emerald ash borer detection in Oregon (potentially online)

  • Kathleen Knight (USDAFS, NRS): Emerald ash borer: monitoring and population dynamics in the eastern U.S. (online)

  • Insect Committee Business 


2:35-3:00: BREAK


3:00 - 4:30: Disease Committee: Moderator: Tom Smith, Committee Chair

  • Tyler Bourret (UCD): Fungal and oomycete systematics: why it matters for regulation and management

  • Dave Shaw (OSU): How Does Dwarf Mistletoe Change Forest Crown Structure? New Insight from Western Hemlock

  • Richard Cobb (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo): Fire and Phytophthora ramorum

  • Disease Committee Business


4:25-4:30: BREAK


4:30-5:30: Update on Pesticide Laws and Regulations: Moderator: Chris Lee, CAL FIRE

  • Stacey Clarke (USDAFS, R5 FHP): general update

  • Julia Garcia (CA DPR): The 10 most common pesticide handling violations


5:30-6:30: Poster Session and Social

















November 17, 2022

8:30-9:45: Forest Health Year in Review: Moderator: Ashley Hawkins, USDA Forest Service

  • Jeff Moore (USDAFS, R5 FHP): Forest Health Monitoring

  • Suzanne Latham (CDFA): CDFA Plant Pest Diagnostic Center

  • Joanna Fisher (CDFA): Spongy moth and spotted lanternfly

  • Stacy Hishinuma (USDAFS, R5 FHP): ISHB, GSOB, and MOB

9:45-10:50: Forest Health Highlight: Bot Cankers: Moderator: Ashley Hawkins, USDA Forest Service

  • Matteo Garbelotto (UCCE/UCB): Latent, stress-triggered pathogens in California woody plants (online)

  • Laura Drake-Schultheis (UC Santa Barbara): Bot canker pathogens in Southern California bigberry manzanita

  • Chris Lee (CAL FIRE): Canker pathogens infecting redwoods, cypresses, and cedars

  • Akif Eskalen (UC Davis): Occurrence of Bot canker pathogens in agriculture and natural forest systems 

11:10-11:25: BREAK

11:25-12:00: Detection and Monitoring: Moderator: Beverly Bulaon, USDA Forest Service

  • Tyler McCraney (Cal Poly, Humboldt/UCLA): qPCR Assays for Five Important Soilborne Phytophthora Species

  • Kevin Potter (NC State University): Patterns of Non-native Plant Invasions Across the U.S. Using FIA Data

  • Brent Oblinger (USDA FS, Region 6 FHP): Identifying conifer mortality induced by Armillaria root disease using airborne lidar and orthoimagery in south central Oregon

12:40-1:45: LUNCH

1:45-2:05: CFPC Business Meeting: Bob Rynearson, CFPC Chair

2:05-3:05: Wildfire-pest interactions

  • Kim Corella & Curtis Ewing (Cal Fire): Fire and GSOB, Fire and MOB

  • Dylan Enright (UC Riverside): Fire and soil microbial communities

  • Mike Jones (UCCE):  Post-fire oak response in Mendocino County: an update

3:05-3:15: BREAK

3:15-5:00: The Big Picture in Forest Health: Moderator: Cheryl Blomquist,CDFA

  • Lysanna Anderson (USGS): Land management explains major trends in forest structure and composition over the last millennium in California's Klamath Mountains (online)

  • Stephanie Snyder (USFS, Northern Research Station): Gaining insights about forest health prescriptions from loggers and foresters: understudied voices in the human dimensions of forest health

  • Treena Burgess (Murdoch University): Anthropogenic disturbances and the emergence of native diseases: a threat to forest health

  • Susan Frankel (USDA FS, PSW Research Station): Climate, forest pathogens & insects: From a small park to around the globe

5:00: Closing Remarks


Parking is $15/day and the easiest and closest parking is located at the Pavilion Garage parking lot (zone 35945). This parking lot is a 5 minute walk to the meeting location at the Student Community Center. 

  • Please park in C zone in the structure - level 3 and up.

  • The visitor parking terminal is available for you to purchase on the outside of the building of the parking structure on the corner of Hutchison Dr. & Kleiber Dr.

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UC Davis Parking Map  

Close up map of location of Pavilion Parking Structure and Student Community Center

CEU Credits:  
DPR: Nov. 16th - 3.5 - Other & 0.5 - Laws and Regulations
         Nov. 17th - 6.5 - Other
SAF - Nov 16th and 17th - 10.5
ISA - Nov. 16th - 4.0
         Nov. 17th - 6.5


2022 CFPC Insect and Disease Tour

Dates:  Thursday, June 30, 2022 

Registration:  Free online registration  - please register so we have an accurate count of who is attending.

Location: Meeting location will be Ray's Food Place parking lot, 160 Morgan Way, Mt. Shasta, CA

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Agenda Topics:

This year’s tour will take place near Mt. Shasta at locations on the west side of I-5. There will be a wide variety of insects and diseases that will be seen on the tour, among those will be:

  • Root diseases and management efforts - eradication and prevention

  • Indian paint fungus

  • Diplodia 

  • Douglas-fir mistletoe

  • Bark beetles - western pine beetle, red turpentine beetle

CEU Credits:

DPR: Other = 4 hours


Contacts for more information:

               Curtis Ewing, or Ashley Hawkins,



2022 CFPC Weed Tour



Dates:   Tuesday, June 28 and Wednesday, June 29, 2022 

              (**Note this is about 3 weeks earlier than normal)

    *On the day of the event, sign in starts at 6 am, buses leave at 7 am.  Breakfast items will
      be available at 6 am.

Registration: Online registration, Mail-in Registration

Host Hotel:   We will be based out of the Mt Shasta Best Western Plus


Best Western Plus

111 Morgan Way

Mt. Shasta, CA  96067


Hotel rate: $237.17 with taxes

Rate and reserved cut off date is May 27, 2022 - Mention California Forest Pest Council, Weed Tour

Agenda Topics:

This year’s tour will be hosted at the Mt. Shasta Best Western Hotel located in Siskiyou County. Discussion topics will cover: herbicide treatments, long-term forest projects and site prep. Though managers share common challenges in the region, each ownership has unique approaches. Herbicides play a key role. Specifically, we will see:

  • Results of bare ground herbicide treatments

  • Effects of lifting dates and storage duration on field performance of Douglas-fir seedlings

  • Delayed study release of ponderosa pine

  • Helicopter and hand application

  • Herbicide and brush study on ponderosa pine growth and survival

  • Invasive weeds

**There will not be a golf tournament this year**

CEU Credits: Must attend both days to receive CE Credits

CA DPR: Other = 12, Laws and Reg = 1

OR: Core = 9, Other = 4

ID: 7


Contacts for more information:

               Weed Committee Secretary Camila Quintana ( or (510) 478-5638

                Weed Committee Chair Steve Kafka ( or (209)768-5189 

CFPC 70th Annual Meeting - Presentations

(To view the presentations please click on the title of the presentation)

CFPC: 70 Years of Connecting Science and Management for Healthy Forests

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Video of presentations for Wednesday.


12:30 – 2:00 PM – Insect Committee Meeting

12:30     Welcome/Introduction – Bob Rynearson, Chair, California Forest Pest Council

12:40     Invasive shot hole borer monitoring and management in the Inland Empire, southern California – Adrian Poloni,
              Inland Empire Resource Conservation District

1:00       Indigenous and prescribed burn potential for management of goldspotted oak borer – Joelene Tamm, University
              of California, Riverside

1:20       Changes in fuel loads following the recent western pine beetle outbreak in the central and southern Sierra
              Nevada—Crystal Homicz, University of California, Davis

1:40       Mission possible? The quest to predict the next high-impact, non-native forest insects on North American trees
              Ashley Schulz, Mississippi State University

2:15-3:30 PM – Disease Committee Meeting

2:15       Questioning the value of borate dressings – Martin Mackenzie, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection,

2:40      The role of canker fungi in 2020 - 2021 Bay Area Tree Decline – Matteo Garbelotto, University of California,
              Berkeley, and University of California Cooperative Extension

3:05      A review of common canker pathogens affecting natural and cultivated woody plants in California – Florent
              Trouillas, University of California, Davis, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


3:30 – 4:30 PM – Weeds and Wildlife

3:30       Update on pesticides for forestry  use – Stacey Clark, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Vallejo

3:50       A 30-year private project successfully restoring pure native annual reproduction in both forests and grasslands,
               on a property with a 200-year weed  history – Mark van de Pol, private landowner/author, Santa Cruz County

4:10       Porcupines in California: historic and current status – Tim Bean, Cal Poly SLO


4:30 PM Adjourn for the day

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Video of presentations for Thursday

1:00-2:05 PM - 2021 in Review

1:00        Aerial detection survey recap of 2021 CA forest health conditions – Jeff Moore, USDA Forest Service, Forest
               Health Monitoring

1:10        Updates: ISHB, GSOB, MOB, SOD, and pitch canker—Kim Corella, California Department of Forestry & Fire

1:25        Xylella fastidiosa subspecies in California – Sebastian Albu, California Department of Food & Agriculture

1:40        2021 Update on Lymantria dispar – Joanna Fisher, California Department of Food & Agriculture

1:50        CFPC Business Meeting including a remembrance of Tom Gordon - Bob Rynearson, Chair, California Forest Pest
               Council and Kim Corella, Pitch Canker Task Force and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

2:05 – 3:35 PM - Panel: Forest Health Management in California: Important Issues

2:05        Land ownership impacts post-fire forest regeneration in Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forests—Connor Stephens,
                University of Wisconsin, Madison

2:25        Solistalgia: forest landowners, post-fire regeneration, and loss—Lynn Huntsinger, University of California,

2:55        Burgeoning biomass:  opportunities to improve forest ecosystem health—Deborah Page-Dumroese, USDA Forest
                Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

3:15         OPR Woody Feedstock Aggregation Pilot Program—Michael Maguire, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research


3:35 – 4:30 PM – Trees and Water Stress

3:35        Douglas-fir encroachment reduces drought resistance in Oregon white oak of northern California—Jill Beckmann,
                Northern Arizona University

3:50        A physiological perspective on conifer drought responses in northern California – Wallis Robinson, University of
               California Cooperative Extension, Humboldt-Del Norte Counties

4:05        Dependence of forest vulnerability to drought timescales in California – Gavin Madakumbura, University of
                California, Los Angeles

4:20        Water stress monitoring and mitigation in blue oak – Curtis Ewing, California Department of Forestry & Fire

4:30        Adjourn

CFPC Annual Meeting - Save the Date 

Date: November 17th & 18th

Location: Virtual Meeting
Free Online Registration: Click here
Meeting Title: CFPC: 70 Years of Connecting Science and Management for Healthy Forests


Agenda: For the final agenda - Click here
  • To receive your personal GoToWebinar link to join the Annual Meeting for Nov. 17th & Nov. 18th, please click on the link below and fill out the information. Please note, you will need to fill out the information for each day of the meeting.
Poster Session: Posters are available
(click on the faint arrow on the right side of the poster to move to the next poster, click on the lower left of the poster to enlarge it to full screen)
  • This year there will be a dedicated "poster session" prior to the start of presentations on November 18th where a Q & A session will occur with the posters author. If the lead author/presenter is not available, please consider having a secondary author attend Q & A.
  • Poster submission is due to Leif Mortenson by November 12th at 5PM. Please submit posters as both PDF and JPEG format.
Please contact Leif Mortenson, leif.mortenson@usda.govfor more information.
CEU credits:
DPR CEU's - Nov. 17th: 3.5 Other, Nov. 18th: 3.5 Other
ISA CEU's: Received and the number of hours will be posted soon. 

2021 CFPC Weed Tour

Registration: Online Weed Tour Registration

Mail in Registration: Mail in form

Sierra Pacific, Sonora
Attention Steve Kafka
PO Box 247
Standard, CA 95373

**Tour is limited to the first 100 attendees** - Registration is now closed


Topic: Post King Fire restoration on public and private lands, fuel break maintenance, utility maintenance

Location:         Placerville, CA

Dates:              Wednesday July 21, and Thursday July 22, 2021

Host Hotel:      Best Western Plus Placerville Inn, (530) 622-9100

                        6850 Greenleaf Drive, Placerville, CA  95667

        Registration will open at 7am, Wednesday morning. A light breakfast snack will be available and buses will load at 8am at the Best Western Plus Placerville Inn. 

  • Mention “the dates and CA Forest Pest Council, 2021 Weed Tour”

  • Rates are $134, must be booked by June 20, 2021 for this rateContinuing Education Credits: CA, OR, and ID CE’s are being applied for.

         - DPR​ Credits Approved: Laws:1.0, Aerial: 0.50, Other 12.00 = Total of 13.50