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North Coast

Sudden oak death, Bruce Moltzan, USDA Forest Service, Bugw
Western gall rust, Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service, Bugw
Flatheaded fir borer, Steven Valley, Oregon Department of Agri
North Coast Subregion

Extending from the Oregon border to Bodega Bay in the south, this subregion encompasses a relatively narrow coastal strip that includes coastal prairie; Pacific Northwest-type forests dominated by Sitka spruce, grand fir, and Douglas-fir; and closed-cone pine /cypress forests.

Typical insect and disease problems

• Root decay caused by the velvet-top fungus Non-native Phytophthora diseases, including sudden oak death and Port Orford-cedar root disease
• Western gall rust in bishop and Monterey pines Dwarf mistletoes in pines, grand fir
• Western hemlock Flatheaded fir borer in Douglas-fir.

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