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Cascades Region

This region represents the southernmost extent of the Cascade Range that stretches all the way up through Oregon and Washington. Its forests are vegetationally similar to those of the Sierra Nevada, despite parent material differences (those of the Cascades are more recent and predominantly igneous, while those of the northern Sierra Nevada are primarily metamorphic). The Cascades subregion contains chaparral and blue oak/gray pine woodland in the lower elevations and ponderosa pine, montane fir/pine, and lodgepole pine forests at higher elevations.

Typical insect and disease problems:

  • Native bark beetles including Ips, Scolytus, and Dendroctonus species

  • Heterobasidion root disease

Cascades region
Ips beetle
Western pine beetle
Heterobasidion root disease Paul A. Mistretta, USDA Forest Service,
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