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White & InYo Mountains

Western gall rust. Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service, Bugw
Fir engraver damage, Donald Owen, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection,
Dwarf mistletoe
Cytospora canker, William Jacobi, Colorad
Jeffrey pine beetle, Steven Valley, Oregon Department of Agriculture,
Inyo and White mountain range region

White and Inyo Mountains
These isolated and very high (up to 4300 m) mountain ranges east of the Sierra Nevada feature extensive subalpine bristlecone pine and limber pine stands.

Typical insect and disease problems
• Bark beetles (Ips, Dendroctonus, and Scolytus species) in conifers
• California flatheaded borer (in pines)
• Jeffrey pine beetle
• Fir Engraver in white fir
• White firs true leafy Mistletoe
• Dwarf mistletoe
• Cytospora canker in true fir
• Jeffrey pine needleminer
• White pine blister rust

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