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Central& SOuthern
Coasts & Ranges

Central and Southern Range and Coast region

Central Coast, South Coast, and South Coast Ranges
This subregion follows the Central Coast subregion and is bounded by the Central Valley to the east. The eastern parts of these ranges support primarily blue oak-gray pine woodlands, while the western and higher elevations feature redwoods in some drainages and Douglas-fir/evergreen hardwood forests on the slopes. Interesting members of the vegetation assemblage include bigcone Douglas-fir and Coulter pine/

Typical insect and disease problems
• Native bark beetles including Ips, Scolytus, and Dendroctonus species
• Sudden oak death
• California oakworm
• Western gall rust
• Pitch canker of pines, especially Monterey pine

Sudden oak death, Bruce Moltzan, USDA Forest Service, Bugw
Western gall rust, Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service, Bugw
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