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Great Central valley

Anthracnose. Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service,
Ambrosia beetle, Rachel Osborn, Southeast Asian Ambrosia Beetle ID, USDA APHIS PPQ,
Golden oak scale. John .A. Davidson, Uni
Hypoxylon, USDA Forest Service - Region 8 - Southern , USDA Forest Service,
Ganoderma Root Rot, Theodor D. Leininger, USDA Forest Service,
Phyophthora cinnamomi, Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service,
Central Valley region

This subregion, which runs down the center of the state, has been heavily altered from grassland, riparian, and oak woodland habitat to agricultural uses. It historically featured extensive riparian hardwood and valley oak stands.

Typical insect and disease problems
• Sycamore and oak anthracnose
• True leafy mistletoe
• Armillaria
• Oak pit scale
• Oak twig girdler
• Ambrosia beetles
• Inonotus spp.
• Hypoxylon
• Ganoderma root rot
• Phyophthora cinnamomi

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