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CFPC 70th Annual Meeting - Presentations

(To view the presentations please click on the title of the presentation)

CFPC: 70 Years of Connecting Science and Management for Healthy Forests

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Video of presentations for Wednesday.


12:30 – 2:00 PM – Insect Committee Meeting

12:30     Welcome/Introduction – Bob Rynearson, Chair, California Forest Pest Council

12:40     Invasive shot hole borer monitoring and management in the Inland Empire, southern California – Adrian
              Poloni, Inland Empire Resource Conservation District

1:00       Indigenous and prescribed burn potential for management of goldspotted oak borer – Joelene Tamm,         
              University of California, Riverside

1:20       Changes in fuel loads following the recent western pine beetle outbreak in the central and southern Sierra
              Nevada—Crystal Homicz, University of California, Davis

1:40       Mission possible? The quest to predict the next high-impact, non-native forest insects on North American trees
              Ashley Schulz, Mississippi State University

2:15-3:30 PM – Disease Committee Meeting

2:15       Questioning the value of borate dressings – Martin Mackenzie, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection,

2:40      The role of canker fungi in 2020 - 2021 Bay Area Tree Decline – Matteo Garbelotto, University of California,
              Berkeley, and University of California Cooperative Extension

3:05      A review of common canker pathogens affecting natural and cultivated woody plants in California – Florent
              Trouillas, University of California, Davis, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


3:30 – 4:30 PM – Weeds and Wildlife

3:30       Update on pesticides for forestry  use – Stacey Clark, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Vallejo

3:50       A 30-year private project successfully restoring pure native annual reproduction in both forests and
 on a property with a 200-year weed  history – Mark van de Pol, private landowner/author, Santa
              Cruz County

4:10       Porcupines in California: historic and current status – Tim Bean, Cal Poly SLO


4:30 PM Adjourn for the day

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Video of presentations for Thursday

1:00-2:05 PM - 2021 in Review

1:00        Aerial detection survey recap of 2021 CA forest health conditions – Jeff Moore, USDA Forest Service, Forest
               Health Monitoring

1:10        Updates: ISHB, GSOB, MOB, SOD, and pitch canker—Kim Corella, California Department of Forestry & Fire

1:25        Xylella fastidiosa subspecies in California – Sebastian Albu, California Department of Food & Agriculture

1:40        2021 Update on Lymantria dispar – Joanna Fisher, California Department of Food & Agriculture

1:50        CFPC Business Meeting including a remembrance of Tom Gordon - Bob Rynearson, Chair, California Forest Pest
               Council and Kim Corella, Pitch Canker Task Force and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

2:05 – 3:35 PM - Panel: Forest Health Management in California: Important Issues

2:05        Land ownership impacts post-fire forest regeneration in Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forests—Connor
                Stephens, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2:25        Solistalgia: forest landowners, post-fire regeneration, and loss—Lynn Huntsinger, University of California,

2:55        Burgeoning biomass:  opportunities to improve forest ecosystem health—Deborah Page-Dumroese, USDA
                Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

3:15         OPR Woody Feedstock Aggregation Pilot Program—Michael Maguire, Governor’s Office of Planning and


3:35 – 4:30 PM – Trees and Water Stress

3:35        Douglas-fir encroachment reduces drought resistance in Oregon white oak of northern California—Jill
                Beckmann, Northern Arizona University

3:50        A physiological perspective on conifer drought responses in northern California – Wallis Robinson, University of
               California Cooperative Extension, Humboldt-Del Norte Counties

4:05        Dependence of forest vulnerability to drought timescales in California – Gavin Madakumbura, University of
                California, Los Angeles

4:20        Water stress monitoring and mitigation in blue oak – Curtis Ewing, California Department of Forestry & Fire

4:30        Adjourn

Annual Meeting Poster Session: To view the posters please click on the images below.

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