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California Forest Pest Council 71st Annual Meeting

This years meeting will be a hybrid of In-Person and Virtual Attendees and Presenters.

Date: November 16 & 17, 2022

Location: In Person - UC Davis, Student Community Center Multipurpose Room, Davis, CA 
Online Registration: Click here to register 

Early bird online registration ends October 21st at 11:59 pm PST.

Standard online registration ends November 11th at 1:00 pm PST.

Standard registration fees will be accepted at the door and can be paid by cash, check, or credit.

  • Virtual attendees will be able to interact and ask questions to presenters in real time during the meeting!

  • Virtual attendees - Meeting folder information

Students Grants Available! - 2022 Don Dahlsten Memorial Scholarship Grant
Poster Submission:  Specifics on the poster session please click here and contact Leif Mortenson for more information,
Meeting Title and Draft Agenda: 
The Dynamics of California Forest Pests: from Hand Lens to Landscape

November 16, 2022


1:05-2:30: Insect Committee: Moderator: Michael Jones, Committee Chair

  • Wolfgang Schweigkofler (NORSDUC): testing steam and solarization disinfestation of various substrates

  • Charles Maxwell (OSU): Flatheaded fir borer in SW Oregon and northern CA

  • Wyatt Williams (ODF): Emerald ash borer detection in Oregon (potentially online)

  • Kathleen Knight (USDAFS, NRS): Emerald ash borer: monitoring and population dynamics in the eastern U.S. (online)

  • Insect Committee Business 


2:35-3:00: BREAK


3:00 - 4:30: Disease Committee: Moderator: Tom Smith, Committee Chair

  • Tyler Bourret (UCD): Fungal and oomycete systematics: why it matters for regulation and management

  • Dave Shaw (OSU): How Does Dwarf Mistletoe Change Forest Crown Structure? New Insight from Western Hemlock

  • Richard Cobb (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo): Fire and Phytophthora ramorum

  • Disease Committee Business


4:25-4:30: BREAK


4:30-5:30: Update on Pesticide Laws and Regulations: Moderator: Chris Lee, CAL FIRE

  • Stacey Clarke (USDAFS, R5 FHP): general update

  • Julia Garcia (CA DPR): The 10 most common pesticide handling violations


5:30-6:30: Poster Session and Social

















November 17, 2022

8:30-9:45: Forest Health Year in Review: Moderator: Ashley Hawkins, USDA Forest Service

  • Jeff Moore (USDAFS, R5 FHP): Forest Health Monitoring

  • Suzanne Latham (CDFA): CDFA Plant Pest Diagnostic Center

  • Joanna Fisher (CDFA): Spongy moth and spotted lanternfly

  • Stacy Hishinuma (USDAFS, R5 FHP): ISHB, GSOB, and MOB

9:45-10:50: Forest Health Highlight: Bot Cankers: Moderator: Ashley Hawkins, USDA Forest Service

  • Matteo Garbelotto (UCCE/UCB): Latent, stress-triggered pathogens in California woody plants (online)

  • Laura Drake-Schultheis (UC Santa Barbara): Bot canker pathogens in Southern California bigberry manzanita

  • Chris Lee (CAL FIRE): Canker pathogens infecting redwoods, cypresses, and cedars

  • Akif Eskalen (UC Davis): Occurrence of Bot canker pathogens in agriculture and natural forest systems 

11:10-11:25: BREAK

11:25-12:00: Detection and Monitoring: Moderator: Beverly Bulaon, USDA Forest Service

  • Tyler McCraney (Cal Poly, Humboldt/UCLA): qPCR Assays for Five Important Soilborne Phytophthora Species

  • Kevin Potter (NC State University): Patterns of Non-native Plant Invasions Across the U.S. Using FIA Data

  • Brent Oblinger (USDA FS, Region 6 FHP): Identifying conifer mortality induced by Armillaria root disease using airborne lidar and orthoimagery in south central Oregon

12:40-1:45: LUNCH

1:45-2:05: CFPC Business Meeting: Bob Rynearson, CFPC Chair

2:05-3:05: Wildfire-pest interactions

  • Kim Corella & Curtis Ewing (Cal Fire): Fire and GSOB, Fire and MOB

  • Dylan Enright (UC Riverside): Fire and soil microbial communities

  • Mike Jones (UCCE):  Post-fire oak response in Mendocino County: an update

3:05-3:15: BREAK

3:15-5:00: The Big Picture in Forest Health: Moderator: Cheryl Blomquist,CDFA

  • Lysanna Anderson (USGS): Land management explains major trends in forest structure and composition over the last millennium in California's Klamath Mountains (online)

  • Stephanie Snyder (USFS, Northern Research Station): Gaining insights about forest health prescriptions from loggers and foresters: understudied voices in the human dimensions of forest health

  • Treena Burgess (Murdoch University): Anthropogenic disturbances and the emergence of native diseases: a threat to forest health

  • Susan Frankel (USDA FS, PSW Research Station): Climate, forest pathogens & insects: From a small park to around the globe

5:00: Closing Remarks


Parking is $15/day and the easiest and closest parking is located at the Pavilion Garage parking lot (zone 35945). This parking lot is a 5 minute walk to the meeting location at the Student Community Center. 

  • Please park in C zone in the structure - level 3 and up.

  • The visitor parking terminal is available for you to purchase on the outside of the building of the parking structure on the corner of Hutchison Dr. & Kleiber Dr.

  • You will need your license plate number when purchasing from the parking terminal and pay by Visa or Mastercard only.

  • A valid permit is required to park on campus and is valid for the date purchased, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.–10 p.m.

  • This permit that you purchase is good in ALL C zone parking areas. 

  • No need to put a receipt or permit on your vehicle.

UC Davis Parking Map  

Close up map of location of Pavilion Parking Structure and Student Community Center

CEU Credits:  
DPR: Nov. 16th - 3.5 - Other & 0.5 - Laws and Regulations
         Nov. 17th - 6.5 - Other
SAF - Nov 16th and 17th - 10.5
ISA - Nov. 16th - 4.0
         Nov. 17th - 6.5
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